Interim seminar 2021


- The Finnish Research Programme on Nuclear Power Plant Safety 2019-2022

- Finnish Research Programme on Nuclear Waste Management 2019-2022

Day 1 - Thursday 18.3.

Presentations in PDF-format, video links to YouTube.

Joint Session - Chair Jorma Aurela, MEAE
Opening of the seminar
Liisa Heikinheimo (MEAE) & Petteri Tiippana (STUK)
Greetings from the Management Groups
Marja-Leena Järvinen & Jaakko Leino (STUK)
10 Years Severe Accident Research Activities in S/NRA/R Japan
Miyuki Akiba, Akitoshi Hotta (Japan Nuclear Regulation Authority NRA)
Euratom and the Future
Massimo Garribba (European Commission, Directorate-General for ENERGY)
Parallel Joint Sessions
Overall safety and organisation (RG1, SYSMET, OMT, SOLID) - Chair Tomi Routamo, STUK
BORS - Building operational readiness of control room crews: preparing for the unexpected (VTT, FIOH) (Video)
OSAFE - Development of framework for justification of overall safety (VTT, LUT) (Video)
PARSA - Participative development for supporting human factors in safety (FIOH, VTT) (Video)
EPIC - Effective improvement of leadership and safety culture (VTT) (Video)
SYSMET - Systemaattiset skenaariomenetelmät kokonaisturvallisuuden arvioinnissa (Systematic Scenario Methods in Overall Safety Estimation) (VTT, Aalto) (Video)
OMT - Overall safety, multibarrier system and transient phase (VTT) (Video)
SOLID - Acquiring Social License for Disposal: trust and acceptance (TUNI) (Video)
Fuel and reactor (RG3, SR6) - Chair Tuomas Rantala, TVO
CATS - Coupled analysis of transient scenarios (VTT) (Video)
INFLAME- Interdisciplinary fuels and materials (VTT) (Video)
LONKERO - Developing the working arms of Kraken, the next generation computational framework for reactor design and licensing analyses (VTT) (Video)
RACSA - Radiation shielding and criticality safety analyses (VTT) (Video)
EMBER - Enhanced multi-physics calculation capabilities for fuel behaviour and reactor analyses (LUT) (Video)
ALES - Aktinidi-lantanidi erotus- ja separointimateriaalit (Actanide -Lantanide Separation) (HY) (Video)
RASK - In-situ tutkimukset - radionuklidien kulkeutuminen sementin ja kallioperän rajapinnalla (In- situ Experiments - Radionuclide Transport on Cement and Rock Interface) (HY) (Video)
RABIO - Parempaa radioekologiaa biosfäärimallintamiseen (Better Radioecology for Biosphere Modeling) (UEF) (Video)
KÄRÄHDE - Käytetyn polttoaineen karakterisaatio ja lähdetermi (Spent Fuel Characterization and Source Term) (VTT) (Video)
PORA - Polttoaineen mikrorakenne ja radiumin liukoisuus (Fuel microstructure and radium solubility) (VTT) (Video)
Lunch break
Parallel Sessions
SAFIR2022, Plant level analysis & Severe accidents (RG2, RG7) - Chair Lasse Tunturivuori, TVO
COSI - Co-simulation model for safety and reliability of electric systems in flexible environment of NPP (VTT, Aalto) (Video)
NAPRA - New developments and applications of PRA (VTT) (Video)
PREDICT - Predicting extreme weather, sea level and atmospheric dispersion for nuclear power plant safety (FMI) (Video)
SEARCH - Safety and security assessment of overall I & C architectures (VTT, Aalto) (Video)
URAN - Uncertainty management in fire risk analyses (VTT, Aalto) (Video)
ANSA - Analytical severe accident research (VTT) (Video)
MANTRA - Mitigation and analysis of fission products transport (VTT)
SAFIR2022, Thermal hydraulics (RG4 + IDEAL) - Chair Timo Toppila, Fortum
CFD4RSA - CFD methods for reactor safety assessment (VTT) (Video)
PAHE - Passive heat exchanger experiments (LUT) (Video)
PATE - PWR PACTEL tests (LUT) (Video)
SPASET - Sparger separate effect tests (LUT) (Video)
THACO - Safety through thermal-hydraulic analyses and cooperation (VTT) (Video)
IDEAL - Infrastructure development at LUT safety research laboratory and LUT Thermal Hydraulics Laboratory presentation (LUT) (Video)
KYT2022, Host rock & alternative solutions (RAKKA, MiRa-3D, KARIKKO, ALES) - Chair Ari Luukkonen, STUK
RAKKA - Rakoilleen kalliomassan vedenjohtavuus (Water Conductivity of Fractured Rock) (Aalto) (Video)
MiRa-3D - Mikrorakenteiden 3-D - mallinnus (3D Modeling of Microstructures) (UTU) (Video)
KARIKKO - Kallioperän Rikkonaisuus (Bedrock Fractures) (GTK) (Video)
Closure of the Day

Day 2 - Friday 19.3.

Joint Session - Chair Liisa Heikinheimo, MEAE
Opening of the day, Jari Hämäläinen & Suvi Karvonen, VTT
Experiences of Nordic Collaboration, Monika Adsten, Energiforsk
Nuclear waste management and decommissioning in Sweden, Allan Hedin, SKB
Parallel Joint Sessions
Research infrastructure - Chair Eero Vesaoja, Fortum
JHR - Participation in Jules Horowitz Reactor project - towards first criticality in 2022 (VTT)
CNS – VTT Centre for Nuclear Safety (VTT) (Video)
BRUTE - Barsebäck RPV material used for true evaluation of embrittlement (VTT) (Video)
Low and Intermediate level waste management - Chair Jarkko Kyllönen, STUK
DEMONI - DEcommisioning Material characterizatiON and final dIsposal studies (VTT, HY) (Video)
SURFACE - Maaperäloppusijoitus Suomessa (Surface deposition in Finland) (VTT, HY) (Video)
TERKOR - Teräksisten matala- ja keskiaktiivisten jätteiden korroosio loppusijoituksen in-situ olosuhteissa (Corrosion of low and intermediate level steel wastes under in-situ disposal conditions) (VTT) (Video)
KaMu - Effect of existing conditions to gas formation in low level waste repositories (Olosuhteiden vaikutus kaasujen muodostumiseen matala-aktiivisen huoltojätteen loppusijoituksessa) (VTT) (Video)
Parallel Sessions
SAFIR2022, Mechanical integrity & Structures and materials (RG5, RG6) - Chair Martti Vilpas, STUK
AMOS - Advanced materials characterisation for structural integrity assessment (VTT) (Video)
ELIAS - Effect of long-term operation on aging and environmentally assisted cracking of nuclear power plant component materials (VTT, Aalto, TAU)
ELMO - Extended lifetime of structural materials through improved water chemistry (VTT) (Video)
FEVAS - Fatigue and evolving assessment of integrity (VTT, Aalto) (Video)
RACOON - Non-destructive examination of NPP primary circuit components, machine learning and reliability of inspection (VTT, Aalto) (Video)
FATIMA - Fatigue management for LTO (VTT)
Lunch break
AM-NPP - Additive manufacturing in nuclear power plants (VTT) (Video)
CONAGE - Critical studies in support of the ageing management of NPP concrete Infrastructure (VTT, Aalto) (Video)
CONFIT - Modelling of aged reinforced concrete structures for design extension conditions (VTT, TAU) (Video)
SAMPO - Safety criteria and improved ageing management research for polymer components exposed to thermal-radiative environments (VTT, RISE) (Video)
KYT2022, Engineered barrier system, interactions and microbiology - Chair Tuire Haavisto, Fennovoima
BROCTIO - Bentoniitti - kallio vuorovaikutus (Bentonite - Rock Interaction) (VTT, GTK, JyU ) (Video)
KAPSELI (BECOLT, MECAN, OXCOR, CRYCO, SUCCESS) - Canister Performance Assessment (VTT, Aalto) (Video)
Lunch break
MoToPro (VaVu, KUKO, MiBe, BIKES, MIMOSA) - Moniestejärjestelmän toimintakyky - Mikrobiologiset ja kemialliset prosessit (Multibarrier System Performance - Microbiological and Chemical Processes) (VTT, GTK) (Video)
Joint Session - Chair Marja-Leena Järvinen, STUK
Joint research programme 2023-2028, Liisa Heikinheimo, MEAE

SAFIR2022 (2019-2022) RG’s and Projects

RG1 Overall safety and organisation - BORS (SG1), OSAFE (SG1), PARSA (SG1), EPIC (SG1

RG2 Plant level analysis - COSI (SG1), NAPRA (SG1), PREDICT (SG1), SEARCH (SG1), URAN (SG1)

RG3 Reactor and fuel - CATS (SG2), INFLAME (SG2), LONKERO (SG2), RACSA (SG2), EMBER (SG2)

RG4 Thermal hydraulics - CFD4RSA (SG2), PAHE (SG2), PATE (SG2), SPASET (SG2), THACO (SG2)

RG5 Mechanical integrity - AMOS (SG3), ELIAS (SG3), ELMO (SG3), FEVAS (SG3), RACOON & ANDIE+ (SG3), FATIMA (SG3)

RG6 Structures and materials - AM-NPP (SG3), CONAGE (SG3), CONFIT (SG3), SAMPO (SG3)

RG7 Severe accidents - ANSA (SG2), MANTRA (SG2)

RG8 Research infrastructure - BRUTE (SG4), IDEAL (SG4), JHR2022 (SG4), LABWAST (SG4)

KYT2022 (2019-2022) SR’s and Projects

SR1 Buffer / rock interface, BROCTIO

SR2 Canister, KAPSELI (ml. OXCOR)

SR3 Release barrier interactions and microbiology, MoToPro, KaMu

SR4 Safety factors, SYSMET, OMT

SR5 Host rock studies, RAKKA, MiRa-3D, KARIKKO

SR6 Other safety research, ALES, RASK, RABIO, KÄRÄHDE, PORA

SR7 Low and intermediate waste management, DEMONI, SURFACE, TERKOR

SR8 Alternative technologies, ALES

+ Social science research, SOLID