Final seminar 2023

23.-24.1.2023, Dipoli, Otaniemi, Espoo

- The Finnish Research Programme on Nuclear Power Plant Safety 2019-2022

- Finnish Research Programme on Nuclear Waste Management 2019-2022


Presentations in PDF-format

(Links to the videos of the presentations can be found on the extranet.)

Day 1 - Monday 23.1.

Kaleva meeting room
Opening Session
Chair Jorma Aurela and Linda Kumpula, MEAE

Opening of the seminar
Liisa Heikinheimo (MEAE) & Petteri Tiippana (STUK)

Greetings from the Management Groups
Marja-Leena Järvinen & Mia Ylä-Mella (STUK)
Overall Safety and Organisation 1
Chair Tomi Routamo, STUK
BORS - Building operational readiness of control room crews: preparing for the unexpected (VTT, FIOH)
OSAFE - Development of framework for justification of overall safety (VTT, LUT) - poster
PARSA - Participative development for supporting human factors in safety (FIOH, VTT) - poster
EPIC - Effective improvement of leadership and safety culture (VTT) - poster
SMRSIMA - Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs), Siting and Waste Management (VTT, GTK) - poster
Overall Safety and Organisation 2
Chair Jari Pesonen, TVO
COSI - Co-simulation model for safety and reliability of electric systems in flexible environment of NPP (VTT, Aalto)
NAPRA - New developments and applications of PRA (VTT)
PREDICT - Predicting extreme weather, sea level and atmospheric dispersion for nuclear power plant safety (FMI)
SEARCH - Safety and security assessment of overall I&C architectures (VTT, Aalto)
URAN - Uncertainty management in fire risk analyses (VTT, Aalto)
Structural Safety and Materials 1
Chair Pekka Välikangas, STUK
AMOS - Advanced materials characterisation for structural integrity assessment (VTT)
ELMO - Extended lifetime of structural materials through improved water chemistry (VTT)
FATIMA - Fatigue management for LTO (VTT) - poster
AM-NPP - Additive manufacturing in nuclear power plants (VTT) - poster
CONAGE - Critical studies in support of the ageing management of NPP concrete Infrastructure (VTT, Aalto) - poster
CONFIT - Modelling of aged reinforced concrete structures for design extension conditions (VTT, TAU) - poster
VALERI - Valorisation of the recent probabilistic seismic hazard projects and results (VTT, AFRY, Univ Helsinki) - poster
Lumituuli meeting room
Chair Ville Koskinen, STUK
Bentonite & Host Rock
BROCTIO – Bentonite-Rock Interaction (VTT, GTK, JyU)
KARIKKO - Bedrock Fractures (GTK)
RAKKA - Water Conductivity of Fractured Rock (Aalto) - poster
BEEFS – Earthquake comparative analysis and development of earthquake fault rupture modeling (VTT & Rock Mechanics Consulting Finland Oy)
Biosphere & Spent Fuel
Chair Pekka Kupiainen, Posiva
NatLab-14C - Using volcanic-geothermal fields as natural laboratories to investigate transfer of 14C in soils and into terrestrial food webs (UEF)
RABIO - Better Radioecology for Biosphere Modeling (UEF) - poster
KÄRÄHDE - Spent Fuel Characterization and Source Term (VTT)
RASK - In-situ Experiments - Radionuclide Transport on Cement and Rock Interface (HU) - poster
ALES - Actanide-Lantanide Separation (HU) - poster
Structural safety and materials 2
Chair Timo Kukkola, TVO
FENIX - Reactor Pressure Vessel Repair Welding Collaboration (VTT, Aalto, TUNI)
SAMPO - Safety criteria and improved ageing management research for polymer components exposed to thermal-radiative environments (VTT, RISE)
RACOON - Non-destructive examination of NPP primary circuit components, machine learning and reliability of inspection (VTT, Aalto)

Day 2 - Tuesday 24.1.

Kaleva meeting room
Reactor Safety 1
Chair Nina Lahtinen, STUK
CATS - Coupled analysis of transient scenarios (VTT)
INFLAME- Interdisciplinary fuels and materials (VTT)
LONKERO - Developing the working arms of Kraken, the next generation computational framework for reactor design and licensing analyses (VTT)
RACSA - Radiation shielding and criticality safety analyses (VTT)
EMBER - Enhanced multi-physics calculation capabilities for fuel behaviour and reactor analyses (LUT) - poster
Guest Speakers
Chair Liisa Heikinheimo, MEAE
Addressing future nuclear safety challenges in the EU
Hans Rhein, Head of Unit, Nuclear Safety Coordination and International Relations at European Commission
Current and upcoming safety challenges, and related research to support expertise
Jean-Christophe Niel , Director General of Institut de radioprotection et de sûreté nucléaire (IRSN) and Chair of NEA Committee on the Safety of Nuclear Installations (CSNI)
Radiation safety research in Sweden
Per Seltborg, Research Director, Strålsäkerhetsmyndigheten (SSM)
Reactor Safety 3
Chair Juha Poikolainen, TVO
ANSA - Analytical severe accident research (VTT)
CONTSA - Containment safety research (VTT) - poster
CRITFLO - Critical flow separate effect test facility (LUT) - poster
MANTRA - Mitigation and analysis of fission products transport (VTT) - poster
JHR2022 - Participation in Jules Horowitz Reactor project - towards first criticality in 2022 (VTT) - poster
Research infrastructure
Chair Mikko Lemmetty, TVO
BRUTE - Barsebäck RPV material used for true evaluation of embrittlement (VTT)
IDEAL - Infrastructure development at LUT safety research laboratory (LUT)
CNS – VTT Centre for Nuclear Safety (VTT)
SAFER2028 presentation, Tomi Routamo
Lumituuli meeting room
Low and Intermediate Waste Management, Closure and Society
Chair Heidi Lampen, Fortum
DEMONI - Decommisioning Material Characterizatin and Final Disposal Studies (VTT, HU)
SURFACE- Surface repositories in Finland (VTT, HU)
TERKOR - Corrosion of low and intermediate level steel wastes under in-situ disposal conditions (VTT) - poster
ConLot - Durability Testing of Concrete in Long-Term Simulated Groundwater Conditions (Aalto) - poster
YLYMU - Final disposal of nuclear waste and social memory (UTU) - poster
CloMap - Closure of disposal facilities and research and development needs related to closure in Finland (VTT) - poster
KaMu - The effect of conditions on the formation of gases in the final disposal of low level waste (VTT) - poster
Microbiology and Multibarrier System Interactions
Chair Petri Jussila, STUK
MoToPro - Multibarrier System Performance - Microbiological and Chemical Processes (VTT, GTK)
KAPSELI - Canister Performance Assessment (VTT, Aalto)
Final discussion
Seminar summary, Marja-Leena Järvinen and Mia Ylä-Mella